M&M Company Ltd., a 100% owned Saudi company, was incorporated in 1398 H (1977 G) with Thirty Million paid-up capital. The Company has been involved with numerous projects in the Kingdom, with both public and private clients, including construction activities in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. The Company also manages it's won modern housing complexes in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah

Our management and staff have extensive experience in the field of construction and , as they have consistently demonstrated in the past, have the talent and skills necessary to manage quite diverse and sophisticated projects to successful completion.


Our vicion has been clear and consistent from day one. M&M  built it's reputation on quality. In pursuit of that goal we have worked with discipline and dedication to continually raise that bar on our quality standards. 

Today we have reached the highest level of professionalism in the construction industry and have been rewarded by our clients' trust and ongoing satisfaction.


The mission of M&M United Co. Ltd. is to be a leader in the Middle East region for diversified investment in Construction and Services sectors through distinguished organization, innovation and quality which translate excellence. We believe that guided by three imperatives: honesty, transparency and devotion in our commitment to our clients, success would be achieved through the unique combination of the experience of generations past and the innovation of the young and ambitious.


  •  Quality Control

    For the inspection and examination of all works including the works of the Subcontractors to ensure compliance with the specifications and drawings as to the materials, workmanship, construction and efficiency of performance, a complete QUALITY ASSURANCE / QUALITY CONTROL system will be implemented with the team throughout the whole period of the contract.

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  • M&M  Teams

    For each project. M&M assigns a team of specialists who are highly qualified to meet the specific challenge of the work involved. The majority of it's teams have worked together for years.

    Each team is led by a project manager who supervises and takes responsibility for the daily project operations.

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